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Power Apps everywhere

It’s been a while since my last post, and even longer since my last travel and customer visits. I recently had the opportunity to visit a customer to better understand how they currently operate, and envision their future state. Being exposed to all the latests technologies sometimes have a negative effect where either customers can’t envision what you are positioning cause it is too future state or the crawl walk model, where they are so far behind, you first need to help them get to the present before you can talk about the future.

I’m sure everyone has seen this before, organizations extensively use what they have for as long as possible, I got exposed to an Excel document with over 500 000 rows, where the customer managed the core of their business. Now you can look at this is a few ways, firstly wow, that is impressive to have so much data in Excel, you even need a high spec machine just to view the sheet.

My second view on this, is more from a security and compliance lens, who’s got access to this sheet, what changes can they make, do you track the changes, how is it audited and the questions went on and on..

At least they are using SharePoint to store the document, but it quickly became clear that whomever manages the document is the owner, and when that person leaves the organization it’s a massive problem.

I don’t position Power Apps anymore, I think it is a great product and the opportunities is endless, but in isolation you quickly run in to more questions about licensing and capabilities. I position the Power Platform with Dataverse,Power Pages, Security and Compliance, CoE and Power Platform Landing Zones, then when showcasing the benefits of the Power Platform, I include Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agent. It is also important to understand how they integrate into Azure and Office 365.

I’ve found that if your messaging is clear then customers see it is an organization wide platform they are buying into and not just a product.

Okay, so no Power Apps everywhere.. I got to the customer had to sign in, the sign in form is still paper based, then we went to the meeting room where we had to sign an attendance register - this was also still paper based. Before we could get started we had to go through security induction and yes you guest it, is was all paper based. As the day progressed, I started discussing with the customer the ease of the platform, and how they could build applications and even publish it on the app store where customers can digitally sign in, and also do a pre-screening.

Post COVID we’ve seen a lot of innovation on returning to workspace solutions, where you can generate a digital day pass, do self screening and even book your seat at the office.

Even at the hotel, there is still a printed document that is completed before you can have dinner at the restaurant. When you drive into parking and have to sign in your vehicle details, show your drivers license and sign in your laptop - still all manual.. and worthless, you can sign in as anyone, and write anything on the sheets and people will just let you in.

I’ve seen a lot more customer requests for forms processing, sometimes it’s a generated document that gets printed, signed and scanned.. surely this screams for a Power App, yet we build solutions to digitize the form, and approve the content using Power Apps.

I would love to hear your stories on Power Apps, some weird use cases and some that you are just blown away by.

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