Log issues to GitHub from a Power App

It is easy to capture user feedback and log issues to GitHub right from Power Apps. Using the GitHub connector and Power Automate, your end users can provide you with feature request, bugs and suggestions. In this blog post I'll show you how I've build an Power App that integrates to GitHub

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Submit a GitHub issue using Power Apps I’ve installed a lot of Power Apps templates and community applications lately, most of them are hosted and maintained on GitHub and very little too few of them provide the ability for your to log and issue or provide feedback of the application.

With the latest GitHub connector1 release, I build a simple issue tracking application using Power Apps and Power Automate that will allow users to log issues in the application. The idea is simple, the Power App runs a Power Automate flow that will create an issue in GitHub.

In the future I will investigate more functionality like release management and even a what’s new section.


Preview of the app

Let’s build the Power App

Submit a GitHub issue using Power Apps The first step is to create a Power App, and add two textboxes and a button onto a page

Submit a GitHub issue using Power Apps Next you need to add a Power Automate action to your button click. You first select the button and on the menu bar select the OnSelect event and Power Automate in the menu. This will bring up a menu with all the Power Automates linked to your Power App. Select Create a new flow. This will take you to the Power Automate interface.

Power Automate

Submit a GitHub issue using Power Apps On the Power Automate screen, you want to pass the content from your Power App to the flow. In order to do this, select Ask in Power Apps.

Submit a GitHub issue using Power Apps The last step is to take the content that was passed and convert it from JSON. The JSON is passed in as a parameter (Step 4 of the Power App) and I set the GitHub Title and Description.

You can download my example application from Download my Power App to log issues to GitHub2

What’s next?

I would love to hear your feedback, please leave me a comment, or even a [topic suggestion] (/feedback)

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