My journey migrating from Wordpress to Azure static webapps


After many many years of hosmy blog on Wordpress I finally decided to move.

Wordpress is a great platform to use to blog with, but I got hacked a few times, and I wanted to move away from the a database backend and massive amount of plugins running.

My hosting provider also started charging me a lot more to host my blog, and I kept on receiving emails about the server running out of resources.

I’ve started looking into a few other options and for me it’s all about the learning. The concept of JAMSTACK is still new, but based on the “old” way of hosting websites - static pages

I’ve looked at a few static site generators but for me the one that got my attention is Hugo. Written in GO and easy to learn, the content generator greats static files from markdown files (.md)

It took me half a day to get up and running and also the opportunity to get rid of old blog posts that is not relevant anymore.

Microsoft announced Azure Static WebApps at MS Build 2020, and this was my opportunity to move my posts over. Integrated with Github Actions, you can get an awesome build pipeline that will not only build but also deploy your latest post right from github.

It was so easy to get started, with a quick and easy guide on the Microsoft docs site. Once I was up and running it took me some time to get a theme and get my head around the markdown syntax. I’ll see how my journey with Azure static web apps go, but for me free SSL, and CDN support.. well worth the move.