Dictate your way around Office apps


I’ve been working the past few weeks with the lesser known features in Office 365, the dictate function that’s available in most of the office products. Dictate records your voice and change it into text in real time so for today instead of typing this blog post, I’m using my voice.

You can use commands like “full stop” or “new line”, to control the sentice structure, and there is a bunch of other commands

I’ve use the dictate feature when creating PowerPoint slides and I want to add notes to slides, I just repeat what I’m going to say inside of the PowerPoint slide it works quite well.

I’ve also dictated on emails but, only thing with peoples names or even words as very similar like mail and male there is a bit of error, but that’s understandable.

Make sure that you check out my other posts on all the other features like changing your mouse cursor color as well as using the windows calculator for more than just calculations these are some of the great features.

I haven’t fully tested this on the mobile, but I think the experience is the same maybe even better?

Have you ever used this feature? If so I would love to hear your comments on it.