Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 – What to expect 1

CRM 2016 Update 1 - What to expect

Microsoft is currently busy working on the first update release for CRM 2016, and here some of the feature updates and fixed.

General known issues

This section is for general issues that occur in CRM Online 2016 Update and CRM 2016 (on-premises).
Bulk operations like assign, mark complete, set regarding, queue item pick, and queue item release failures lead to multiple error messages (254722)
Certain bulk operation failures will lead to multiple error messages and users will need to dismiss all errors before they can continue. This issue happens on all clients that allow bulk operations.

Web client known issues

Excel template pivot chart data slicers slice by incorrect value after generating a template (232070)
After you generate a template, the data slicer for pivot charts may not select the same filtering values as the original uploaded template if the previously-selected value is no longer in the dataset. Avoid using pivot chart slicers, or check the selection of the slicer after you generate a template. This is also the current behavior in Excel.

Templates drag and drop uploader does not work in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 builds earlier than 10565
When you upload templates, Microsoft Edge drag and drop functionality isn’t available in builds of Windows 10 that are earlier than Build 10565. To find the build number, click Start, type run, type winver, and then click OK.

Excel templates with formulas outside the data grid are not updated (258149)
Formulas that are outside the exported data table are not recalculated when you export the template. Either avoid using formulas outside the data table, or download the Excel (.xlsx) file and use Excel to recheck the dependent formulas and recalculate the cells by pressing Ctrl +Alt+Shift+F9.

Export to Excel and templates successfully exports and causes an Office app error message when attempting to open on Android 5.0 (256041)
On Android 5.0, Office applications will display an error message that says the exported files are corrupt and are not opened. The workaround is to export the files from the web and copy them to the device.

Word document generated through workflows will always be attached to the target record
Instead of attaching to the originating record that started the workflow, the document that’s created will always be attached to the target record, which is the record that the document is generated from. So, for example, if you generate an account summary from an opportunity (the opportunity triggered the workflow), instead of being attached to the opportunity, it’ll be attached to the target account.

Word may freeze when you attempt to edit content controls
This is a performance bug with Word when handling large numbers of fields. Changing the text or formatting in a content control triggers Word to update its data source, which may fail and cause Word to freeze. To avoid the issue, do the following: (1) Make sure to use only plain text content controls for text. You’ll still be able to format text as normal; it’ll just avoid triggering the Word updates when formatting. (2) Avoid making any changes to the text in the content control, including capitalization and entering a space. You may want to turn off Word’s autocorrect/autoformatting when creating templates to ensure this doesn’t happen accidently.

No action on clicking an unresolved email address in the “To” field in outgoing email (233352)
If you have configured the system settings to “allow messages with unresolved email recipients to be sent,” and an unresolved email address is present in the “To” field, the resolve address form doesn’t open.

Form label doesn’t get modified when importing translations and publishing (197267)
If you export translations and re-import them after changing a form label, the label isn’t changed.

More commands (…) button is not shown in iOS 9 browser for certain grids (240793)
In the iOS 9 browser, the More commands (…) button starts showing when the browser’s reading list pane is expanded.

Clickable form title, such as a case title, no longer returns the user to the CRM form (255222)
If you navigate to the associated records view via the sitemap, you will not be able to click on the form title to return to the form. As a workaround, you can click the record name in the sitemap.

Using lookup for more records does not show results in RTL languages in Internet Explorer 11 (257932)
If you use lookup to find more records in the Internet Explorer 11 browser and are on RTL languages, the search results will not be displayed.

The Main tab in customizations disappears when you click insert in the Chrome browser (258318)
This issue is caused when the zoom is greater than 100% or while using low resolution. As a workaround, zoom out to show the tab.

Account entity has two new fields: PrimarySatoriID and PrimaryTwitterID
These fields are placeholders for internal Microsoft use only and are not publicly available.

The Reassigning Records dialog is showing for a long time after clicking OK in the error dialog when trying to reassign records to a team that has no roles (267960)
If you try to reassign records to a team that does not have an assigned role, the Reassign Records dialog is shown and can be dismissed only by refreshing the browser window.

Unable to create a new record in a custom entity when deleting OOTB status reason field option set values in the custom entity form (throws unexpected error) (269128)
After creating a custom entity, if you delete the OOTB status reason picklist field option set values and add a new value, an error will be thrown when trying to create a record. The workaround is to first add the new option set values and then delete the OOTB option set values.

CRM for tablets and CRM for phones known issues

Website Preview control doesn’t work in Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises) organizations
The Website Preview control isn’t available in CRM 2016 (on-premises) deployments. If you use this control, it will still render as a URL control.

Multimedia control is only supported on Android versions later than 4.4
If your users are on an Android version earlier than 4.4, the multimedia control won’t be displayed. Instead, they will see a notification stating that “This control is not supported on the current version of Android.”

Multimedia control: Videos on Windows tablets and phones
YouTube videos aren’t supported on Windows 8.x tablets and phones. On Windows 10, only HTTPS videos are currently supported, including YouTube.

Arc Knob and Radial Knob: Not supported on Android 4.2 and 4.3 devices
These controls aren’t supported on Android 4.2 and 4.3 devices. They impact the scrolling experience on those versions.

Windows Phone fails to connect to CRM
Currently, connecting the Dynamics CRM for phones app on a Windows Phone to an on-premises deployment of Dynamics CRM is not supported.

Form and dashboard previews not available in Firefox for Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Hindi organizations
Form and dashboard previews won’t load successfully in Firefox for organizations using the Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Hindi languages. The workaround is to use an English organization or another browser to preview, such as Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

CRM for Outlook known issues

Deleting a tracked appointment in Outlook or CRM immediately after synchronization might cause the deleted item to return (233706)
If you delete a tracked appointment in Outlook or CRM immediately after you synchronize, the next sync might bring the item back. This may apply to other types of items, and happens only occasionally due to a timing issue.
The workaround is to delete the item again.

Tasks tracked as phone calls in CRM won’t change ownership correctly if assigned from Outlook (138729)
If a task is created in the web client of Dynamics CRM, and then synchronized with CRM for Outlook, this task won’t change ownership correctly if it is assigned to another user from CRM for Outlook. The task will remain assigned to the original user in CRM even though the phone call task has been assigned to another user in Outlook.
To work around this issue, make all phone call assignments directly from the web client.

Mail merge doesn’t send all emails when the recipient list contains unselected recipients or you include an unsubscribe link in the email message (233245)
If you send email messages with mail merge from campaign activities, and deselect one or more recipients from the list, the email is sent only to the first selected recipient in the list. However, if no recipient is deselected, the mail goes out to all the recipients.
If you select only some members of the target marketing list during the merge process, and you select Include an unsubscribe link in the email message, the emails will be sent to only one recipient
To work around this issue, browse back to the first record in Word before finishing the mail merge or disable the unsubscribe link option in the merge dialog box.

Office Groups Integration Solution known issues

Documents section not provisioning for newly-created Office Groups
After creating a new Office Group in Dynamics CRM, you may see the Documents section showing an error instead of provisioning properly. As a workaround, click the Open OneDrive link at the top of the Documents section to open the OneDrive Online site, which will finish the OneDrive provisioning process for this Office Group.

Unified Service Desk known issues

Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop support
Unified Service Desk doesn’t work correctly in virtualized environments.

Firefox and Microsoft Edge private browsing not supported (242289)
In Firefox and Microsoft Edge, you can’t open the Service Desk URL using private browsing.

Interactive service hub known issues

Interactive service hub initial startup (251844)
The initial startup of the interactive service hub might take from four to eight minutes based on bandwidth. This is due to the loading of all metadata for the first time for publishing customizations. Subsequent loading times will be shorter, usually just a few seconds.

Safari browser is not supported on Macintosh(216641)
Currently, you can’t use the interactive service hub in the Safari browser on Macintosh. The workaround is to use supported versions of browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

Access on touch-only devices like tablets isn’t supported (231631)
Using the interactive service hub on a touch-only device like a tablet isn’t supported. The application is optimized for a desktop form factor with keyboard and mouse input.

Access through CRM for Outlook is not supported
You can’t access the interactive service hub through Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook. You can access the interactive service hub through a web browser by entering the URL in the browser address bar, or by clicking the yellow bar notification on the web client.

Doughnut and tag charts don’t show in a preview (211295)
As part of a chart configuration or interactive dashboard configuration, if a doughnut or tag chart is selected, the preview shows a static image of the chart and not a preview based on actual data in the system.

Editing individual streams not possible in the dashboard designer
You can’t edit an individual stream in the dashboard designer. The workaround is to select the stream panel, click Delete on the command bar, and then insert new streams.

Product lookup in the case form doesn’t filter out product bundles (223284)
When you create a case, the product lookup doesn’t filter out product bundles. When the record is saved, an error message is shown.

Find Case and Resolve Case options aren’t available in the “Phone to case” business process flow (233228, 216551)
The “Find case” option under the Identify stage and the “Resolve case” option under the Resolve stage are not available in the “Phone to case” business process flow.

Business process flows spanning multiple entities aren’t fully functional (262228)
Business process flows that are configured to span multiple entities don’t allow a move from one entity to another related entity, even though the process stages headers are visible.

CTRL+S doesn’t save the form (232209)
The CTRL+S keyboard command doesn’t save the form for an interactive service hub record.

RTL Languages not supported
The application won’t load if the organization has any of the right-to-left (RTL) languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic, applied.

Using the back button in the application doesn’t refresh a record or view (233224)
The back button in the CRM application, located at the top left side, doesn’t refresh a previously-visited record or view. It only navigates to the last-visited pages. If you update the priority column of the record and come back to the grid, the updated value should be visible on the grid.

Notes can’t be edited after they’re added to a timeline
After a note record is saved to the timeline of an entity, it can’t be edited.

Inline Chart option for subgrids is not supported
The subgrid properties have an option to show the chart on the form in place of the list view. This option isn’t supported.

Only the primary field of the entity is searched when using the Quick Find box on lists
When you search for an entity record using the search box on the lists, only the primary field of any entity is searchable; the rest of the Quick Find fields aren’t searched.

The timeline isn’t getting automatically refreshed when an email activity is created (248773)
When an email activity record is created from the timeline, the timeline has to be refreshed to see the record.

Duplicate detection is not supported when creating records using the +NEW button from the entity list or form (255572)
No duplicate detection occurs for records created using the +NEW button from the entity list or form.

Upgraded organizations: Interaction centric forms aren’t automatically provisioned when a custom entity is enabled for Interactive experience (252432)
For organizations upgrading to Dynamics CRM 2016, when you enable existing custom entities for the interactive service hub, interaction centric forms aren’t automatically provisioned. You have to manually create the Main Form – Interactive experience or the card form to display records in the dashboard.
Without the Main Form – Interactive experience , you can’t create custom entity records in the interactive service hub

Multi-line text fields need the row count to be 3 or more to render correctly when added to a form (271820)
In Form editor for an Interactive experience form, double click the multi-line text field to launch the Field Properties dialog. Under the formatting tab in the Row Layout section, change the row count to 3 or more, and then click OK. Click Save, and then Publish

User can view data from private queues in interactive dashboard streams, even if not a member of that private queue (271121)
A user can view data from private queues in interactive dashboard streams, even when not a member of that private queue. The workaround is not to add dashboard streams based on private queues in the interactive dashboard. The queue item grid ( Service > Queues) can be used for accessing this data. This issue will be addressed in the next release.

Voice of the Customer

Voice of the Customer functionality won’t be available for preview in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

Relevance Search

Relevance Search is available for preview in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update

Mobile Offline

Mobile Offline functionality is available for preview in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update


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