Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1.1

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update 1.1 (KB 3010990)

Fixes released via Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1.1:

  • Daylight Savings Time changes for Egypt
  • Integrated Authentication in a Federated environment fails using the CRM for Outlook client
  • Exporting more than 5000 records results in duplication of records
  • Workflow conditon step evaluation will throw an exception when user’s CultureInfo is null
  • USD client error when HKLM write permission is denied although key already exists
  • Multiple Workflow processes are created when an update occurs even when no additional changes are made on the invoice form
  • Running a Workflow on an update step clears the email Body\Description field
  • PublishAll times out as it tries to read all Workflow processes in a draft state
  • Async jobs from one organization may hang due to jobs in another organization
  • When creating new Alternate Keys, it lists owneridtype as an attribute. Trying to create a key with this attribute results in an error
  • When updating large amounts of rollup fields, this will create many entries in the RollupJobBase table and is unable to keep up with processing these jobs, causing them to hang
  • Solution Import fails due to conflict with MailboxTrackingFolders
  • Cannot configure Document Management with SharePoint 2010 and Windows Server 2012.
  • “An error occurred when CRM tried to generate the Excel file” when attempting to Export to Excel
  • When using SharePoint and CRM Integration with the List Component and after creating the Documents folder, the Grid is not visible when navigating back and forth
  • After Upgrading to CRM 2015 Post 7.1, Navigation Bar Items that used to display a scroll bar when they overflow to the right, no longer able to scroll.
  • Subgrids placed in a Quick View form does not work correctly
  • Errors occur when launching Outlook when items are tracked and exist in a nondefault Outlook store.
  • After choosing to remain offline in the Outlook Client, the Outlook Client continues to attempt to go online every fifteen minutes.
  • CRM for Outlook client stops working after change of Network password if credentials are cached
  • When an email contains an unresolved party member in the CC line, users will be unable to click the Reply All button.
  • Invalid Argument error on Data Import when Format language code and user interface language code do not match
  • When importing a Solution containing an action the customer gets the following error message:sdkmessage With Id = [GUID] Does Not Exist
  • Navigation Bar does not load when a parameter is added to the querystring of main.aspx

Known issues that occur by using the Microsoft Edge Browser (with Windows 10) after you install Update 1.1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015:

  • When a lInk opens in a new Dialog, it is not in focus
  • SSRS Reports will not render properly
  • Multiline tests appears overlapped
  • Copy and Paste via mouse will not work on certain fields
  • Custom Option value is available on the Selection criteria Field
  • Font does not show up properly using the Japanese language

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