Microsoft Build Developer Conference

Microsoft BUILD developer Conference

Microsoft BUILD developer Conference is back from June 26 – 28 2013. One thing to really look forward to is the release of Visual Studio 2013.

You can register on The website is a nicely build in HTML 5 with support for touch devices.

To view the new features of Visual Studio 2013 visit :

I just love that the old pending changes  into TFS is back.

Another thing that I have noted is and this is just my opinion, the way of development is rapidly changing, to a better Test and Agile approach, no more just sitting down and writing application, changing it as it goes along. The importance of proper testing and test cases, saves developers a lot of time, even QA teams and / or build servers can automate test cases by re running tests for a quicker more accurate result.

The importance of having structure and process is great to prevent developers from overwriting or re-writing each others work.

 Channel 9

If you are unable to attend the BUILD event, you can stream it live at