Getting started with Team Foundation Service 3

When working as  a small team of less than 5 users, Team Foundation Service is a great option to host, save and collaborate in the cloud.

TFS supports Git (from update 2 of Visual Studio 2012) and TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control).

I’ve been using different solutions, SVC, TFS, Source Save, Source Gear, and GIT and must say the integration is really seamless and great for a free service.

Why move my existing version control into the cloud?

Most developers and companies with developers have this question, each might have their own reasons why not to move into the cloud, but I personally think moving into the cloud is a great option, it provides the following :

No backups of your repository is required :Because the service is hosted in the cloud, all is done by the provider

Uptime and accessibility: Hosting as many projects as Microsoft does on this platform, your version control will always be up, and accessible in the cloud

Cost : Hardware cost and maintenance is a huge cost in any organization, when moved away, you save all that money.

Administration :  You have exactly the same administration options from adding users, to adding projects

Integration : One of the use disadvantages that source control venders has, is integration between IDE’s and the cloud, with source control versioning build into Visual Studio, you eliminate problems of first having to download a 3rd party component and making sure it is compatible with your IDE.

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