Download CRM Reports using SDK

Download CRM Reports using SDK

I recently got a request to download all the report rdl files. Because of the number of reports it would take forever, so using the CRM SDK you can easily download rdl files.

I use generated entities but you can use dynamic entity values as well.



// Get list of all reports
 List<Report> reports = (from rp in service.ReportSet
                                  select new Report
                                    ReportId = rp.ReportId,
                                    Name = rp.Name,
                                    Description = rp.Description,
                                    FileName = rp.FileName
          foreach (Report report in reports)
// Use the path defined in a textbox on a windows form..
// You can also change this value to your destination            
string reportPath = Path.Combine(txtPath.Text, report.Name);
            filename = report.FileName;
            if (!Directory.Exists(reportPath))
            // Use the Download Report Definition message.
            DownloadReportDefinitionRequest rdlRequest = new DownloadReportDefinitionRequest
              ReportId = report.ReportId.Value
            DownloadReportDefinitionResponse rdlResponse = (DownloadReportDefinitionResponse)service.Execute(rdlRequest);

            // Access the xml data and save to disk
            XmlTextWriter reportDefinitionFile = new XmlTextWriter(reportPath + "\\" + report.FileName, System.Text.Encoding.UTF8);

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