5 cool things you can do with CRM for tablets


5 cool things you can do with CRM for tablets

1. Pin your favorites to the dashboard

Pin your favorite views and records to your dashboard to easily see the information you use most.


2. Create communication cards

The communication card is one of the most popular features in CRM for tablets and gives you a bigger view of your record.


3. Log phone calls while you talk

In Windows 8, the Skype app automatically snaps to the CRM app when you start a call. Resize the apps if you want, and add information about your call while you’re talking.


4. Resize columns

When you resize your columns in CRM, your changes are automatically saved for that view. That way, you can have different column widths per view, making it easy to view the data you want to see most.


5. Drill down to see chart data

Tap the chart header, then tap a section of the chart to see the records for that section


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