Creating interactive service hub dashboards in CRM 2016

Creating interactive service hub dashboards in CRM 2016

Interactive service hub is a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. It specifically optimized for customer services, and helps you quickly and easily see an overview of data in CRM.

To visit the interactive service hub you can navigate :

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises): In your browser, type <your CRM Server>/<orgname>/engagementhub.aspx, and then press Enter. For Internet-facing deployments use https://< hostname[:port]>/engagementhub.apsx.

If more than one organization is available, and you don’t specify one, the default organization will be used.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users: Type https://<CRM Server>., and press Enter.

To enable entities to be used on the interactive service hub, you must check Enable for interactive experience under the general tab of the entity

interactive service hub - enable for interactive experience

In a solution in CRM, select the Dashboard component and create a new Interactive experience dashboard

create a solution


Select the type of layout you would like to use, in my example I’ll be using a 2-column Overview Multi-Stream Layout

Interactive Service Hub Dashboard 4 Column Layout

Create a layout and add charts. You can provide additional properties like filter by and time frame.

Interactive service hub create dashboard

Add a stream

Interactive Service Hub - Add a stream

create layout stream

After you publish the customizations, and open the interactive service hub, the user will be notified that customization changes been made and needs to be downloaded

Interactive Servce Hub - Download new customisations

In the bottom right hand side, you can view the progress

Interactive Service Hub - Download new customisations process


You new interactive service hub is now available

Interactive Service Hub - Overview of cases

Additional references :

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